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Top 3 New Technology Future Inventions Gadgets Coming in 2018

We’re all familiar with the concept of a time machine What we have here is a space machine Instead of travelling backwards forward in time we can transport viewers from one space to another In virtually no time at all So I can now tell a story while at the same time transporting people through space You It’s in our lives that we never want to lose and can’t do without There’s tile this simple little device that helps you find anything attach the tile to your things and finding them as easy Bring your wallet to find it wherever it’s hiding or use the tile app to see where you left your car on a map If it’s your phone that you’re looking for press the button on any of your tiles and your phone will ring Even when unsilent, and if you lose your wallet And it isn’t where you last had it Tile can still help you find It just ask to be notified when your wallet is found And when any user in tiles global network comes within range of your missing wallet? The tile app will notify you of its most recent location Tile the simple easy way to find the things that matter Get tile now and join the millions of tile users who find peace of mind every day tile find what matters All right so right off the bat, this is not something you would buy for sound quality but rather for showcase a conversation piece the wow factor Which I think it’s best suitable for office, or desk environments when a product looks this fancy nine times out of ten That’s its strongest selling point in fact.

There’s not so much detail about the speaker’s specs itself Besides the fact that it’s only five watts, which that alone says a lot But despite that I think for what it is. It still sounds pretty decent The speaker itself looks kind of like a pokeball if you’ve ever watched a cartoon Pokemon. You know what I’m talking about it has a little weight to it, and that’s largely due to the huge magnet on the bottom half of the device I Really like the blue LED accents like the ring that glows around It which is one of the first things that attracted me to it Your speaker grilles run across the top with the actual speaker itself visible on the inside on the body you have a microUSB port for charging that sits right in between a power button and a Bluetooth button and By charging you can use it as a standalone speaker and do away with the base if you choose to do so of course The base is just an accessory the speaker even comes with a carrying pouch But this thing sheds fabric like crazy and I will not be using this pouch to power it on you press and hold the power button and The same goes for the Bluetooth button But if you want to manually pair it up Despite the speaker looking as if it came out of a Star Wars movie It gets pretty darn loud, but not much bass comes out this guy.

I mean don’t get me wrong There’s more thumps here and there like when listening to hip-hop for example you hear the beats, but it’s definitely not impressive So music lovers like me They do advertise that you get a sort of 3d surround sound effect when the speaker is spinning, but I Didn’t hear any difference Alright, so let’s get to the fun part the actual levitation the magnetic base has a brushed aluminum surface That’s sort of satisfying to the touch if you ask me it features four blue decorative LEDs that light up when it’s plugged in But these LEDs are also used as a guide to help you align it properly With the center being the sweet spot when all four LEDs are solid it begins to suspend in the air.

Thanks to its powerful Magnet technology when it’s levitating the momentum of the magnets allow it to spin on its own And it just looks and mesmerizing. I can’t stress it enough But you do have to play with it a little to get it there in the first place Because the magnets on the base are really really really strong it basically snatches the speaker out of your hand It actually scared me because when you powered the base off the speaker’s snaps back to the surface with a tremendous amount of force It’s a little frustrating to handle. It’s like a game to get it right it takes practice, but I Found that it’s best to use two hands when aligning it now I can see where the strong magnets are necessary to achieve such an effect But it’s something that concerns me because I can’t help but feel that the base will eventually get damaged over time Given the amount of force that consistently hits it so I have something I’ll have to look out for now What is pretty sweet though? Is that the speaker itself is equipped with NFC right up top Center on the blue LED? So that’s a huge plus when it comes to ease of pairing and one that I’m quite happy about You also get a kind of turn one product here as the magnetic base is also a charging station with a USB Port now as far as battery is concerned It’s a 1500 milliamp hour battery, and it’s advertised for around 10 hours of playback time And I’m here to say that it actually performs close to it I got an average of around 8 hours of use at a pretty decent volume.

Just a little bit more than halfway Speaking of volume, I wish there were some volume buttons on the speaker itself That’s something. I would have really liked to see there’s also no speakerphone capabilities, which I think would have been useful as well Overall it’s a really impressive setup, and I’m always fond of futuristic style technology I think they nailed this effect, and I do hope to see more mainstream speakers from top manufacturers use this technology I think that’ll be interesting too .

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