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Will This Be Your First Robot?

Look at how cute he is! So his name is Cozmo. Cute, little robotic guy right here. Big brain, bigger personality. Apparently, this is a fairly intelligent little creature. He’s made by the folks over at Anki. Now, I’ve worked with them in the past in a video on something …

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10 Robotic SEA Creatures that Really Exist ✅

Welcome to TTI welcome to the whole new world of science and robotics today we are going to explore the incredible world of robotic sea creatures so watch the entire video to discover something new in something robotic most of us have probably eaten fish and maybe I’ve even had …

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10 Awesome FREE Mobile Apps! — AAK #24

Vsauce, I’m Jake and get ready to App All Knight!!! I can’t control my power. Quick protect yourself in this Test Chamber. Test Chamber is a very puzzling puzzle game. You push blocks around with your block headed body to bridge the gaps between platforms. But it is not as …

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