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Ping Pong Trick Shots 4 | Dude Perfect

Lets get started. Cobes’ starting us off! That’s different. Nice shot! Into the Nerf Dart dominoes. Oh, is that the Golden Boy Ned Forrester? Into a couple more dominoes, it reveals the target in a nice bow drop right to Core. Takes the shot and BOOM, dead on. Ball rolls …

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The Floor is Lava

Carl… Carl! Dude what the hell man Be careful be careful! (Yells) What the hell is this Man The floor is lava Really? Let’s go! Alright, Just pass me my phone? Where is it? On the dresser! Calm Down Bret! Oh what up son. Oh my god. Bret! I can’t …

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Moving with Pete Davidson and Kevin Hart

– ( coughing ) – Kevin: Is this full-fledged attack? – Oh, ( bleep ) – ( heart monitor beeping ) Oh, God. Oh, Jesus, not like this, Pete. – ( Pete grunts ) – Oh, my God. ( coughing ) – ( music playing ) – Kevin: Ah, yeah. …

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20Q Scientific Toy – Juguete científico 20Q

20 Q, scientific toy Hello friends ! Today I’ll show you how to operate the “twenty q” This is an interesting scientific toy which uses “neural networks” It is actually an “artificial intelligence” It is inspired by the famous board games “20 questions” a person try to guess the thing …

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