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TVF’s Truth or Dare with Dad

Truth or Dare? Truth! Can i ask anything? kind of then tell me… what is the capital of Nagaland Nagaland? uncle ask him something that he wouldnt tell you otherwise think as if a test is going on You have have alcohol bottles hidden in your flat ? I can’t …

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The Floor is Lava

Carl… Carl! Dude what the hell man Be careful be careful! (Yells) What the hell is this Man The floor is lava Really? Let’s go! Alright, Just pass me my phone? Where is it? On the dresser! Calm Down Bret! Oh what up son. Oh my god. Bret! I can’t …

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Moving with Pete Davidson and Kevin Hart

– ( coughing ) – Kevin: Is this full-fledged attack? – Oh, ( bleep ) – ( heart monitor beeping ) Oh, God. Oh, Jesus, not like this, Pete. – ( Pete grunts ) – Oh, my God. ( coughing ) – ( music playing ) – Kevin: Ah, yeah. …

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– (children) Kids react to toys! This episode: Tamagotchi! – (Finebros) So for today’s episode, you’re NOT reacting to a video! – Oh, I’m not? – What am I doing? – (Finebros) Instead, you’re going to be reacting to this. – (curiously) What is that? – What is this? – …

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