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My Houzz: Tony Hawk’s Surprise Renovation

– To me, a home means family. It’s surrounding yourself with people you trust. I mean, it’s a sense of belonging. The people in my family are the most important to me. They’re the ones that I look for guidance from. They believe in me, and I believe in them. …

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Will This Be Your First Robot?

Look at how cute he is! So his name is Cozmo. Cute, little robotic guy right here. Big brain, bigger personality. Apparently, this is a fairly intelligent little creature. He’s made by the folks over at Anki. Now, I’ve worked with them in the past in a video on something …

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What Magic Is This?

Today… I might very well blow your mind! And my own? Possibly Jack’s. This is a very exiting moment here on unbox therapy because… Whenheard about this thing, this in front of me, you see it’sry… large. I responded immediately to the email. I was like “Send this thing to …

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