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Super High Spec Professionally Built Tiny House (Moved In)

The last time I visited this incredible tiny house it was still in the workshop of master craftsman Jeff Hobbs today I’ve traveled to see where the tiny house has found a new home visit its owner briar and see how she’s getting on with downsized living hi Brier hello how are you hey good to meet you lovely to meet you and it’s fantastic to see the tiny house in its new spot thank you yeah I’m loving it here it’s really good so first of all how did you find this property because it’s absolutely perfect for a tiny house as well I just and trade me searched for sections and found this in the Anam yeah I’m here for about nine months later after finding it and so you’ve actually gone in on this property with your parents haven’t you yeah and my brother’s family so we’re three sort of citko owners and that’s kind of made it possible and they’re going to put a little cottage at the front as well so fantastic that’s a perfect way of doing it isn’t it because if you can actually go in to land with family members it really just makes it so much more affordable yeah and I didn’t need a whole back section to themselves so it’s not inconvenience on them it’s awesome for me and yeah I’ll be like kaitiaki of the land and kind of nice as well you get to still share the space with your family yeah absolutely yeah it’s really good so I’m stoked about that great well I’m really excited to see inside this house and see how you edit it all out come on in let’s have a look this place has really transformed hasn’t it yeah it was I was actually looking forward for a long time to put my things in it and just see it really lived in so uh curtains and bits and pieces or my kitchen staff like yeah it’s been quite a pleasure to see that so the shelves in you I see that’s a really lovely touch yep they are so they went in here and in the kitchen mm-hmm and the bathroom and so they’re good for kind of minor storage and like I guess just blank things so yeah and I see you managed to get your record player in there as well yep the record player is in the office because I I don’t intend on doing too much work in the earth so yeah it’s a nice little station and I really like this feature so I see that jeff has actually put in the rail there yep and that just must make it actually so much safer a protecting you from the fire and probably actually quite a bit easier to access the loft with that there as well and yeah differently coming down I think there was one time was coming down that I went to grab the flue and obvious I want to do that in winter when it spawns so and then I can drag clothes the air when the fire is on and yeah it’s just it’s such an easy staircase to use but I think that other people using it or I don’t know at nighttime or fluffy socks but it’ll be a useful thing absolutely and how are you finding working in the kitchen and I love it yeah plenty of space and everything’s kind of got a little home and yeah I just think having the recycled wood and all the wood really but it’s just a beautiful space and feeling to work in so yeah I love it and yeah I’m not making a big like turkey roast you know every week but I wouldn’t have done that anyway so yeah it’s plenty big enough one of the first things that I noticed when I did the tour originally was the sink oh yeah it is such a lovely feature tell me about how you made that and well I made out of clay and it’s got a clay in it to make it extra strong that’s already been fired so it’s kind of like been ground up so that makes it quite strong and I wanted to kind of have like a butler’s sink but not like it kind of um untrained one and so as I’m gonna need to make it myself yeah and I because you’ve obviously built this place it was just nice to have more than just my design touch in it but kind of something that I had made to and when it comes to the bathroom how are you finding using the composting toilet is that a big adjustment oh no it’s really good actually I’d already used to answer one of my friends same toilet and so that I knew that it worked well has like zero odor and yeah you just have to get out of a bit of flushing that’s all but it works really well so I’m stopped yet and I did put a shower curtain and in the end you did put in a shower yeah it’s a little bit too splashy so yeah that’s a new feature and what about the sleeping loft how are you finding that because that’s such an amazing space up there isn’t it yeah well it’s a different orientation the big thing when you saw it last and it’s been quite warm lately but because it’s got the skylight and the two windows like it creates a really good breeze so it’s really fresh eery and yeah really good sleep than their so how did you come to this decision to build a tiny house well I had and I’ve got mortgage approval and I was looking at places to buy Auckland and went to a few options and I just was really uninspired I guess about what I could buy as a you know a single person on my income and I don’t know it just seemed like having a 30-year mortgage and needing lots of help from my family to buy something that didn’t feel like me just was kind of like not a good decision for me and I think because a lot of my friends are in the stage of purchasing homes I almost got swept along with the tide of it like you know to be a proper adult I need to have my own home in a big mortgage and it was just sort of like trying to pull myself out of that kind of haze and my brother actually mentioned to me he was like oh your philosophy and kind of way of living would really suit a tiny home and I yeah I guess I wasn’t really drawn to the do it yourself kind of model you know like I bought my tiny home for five thousand dollars out of pellets like and didn’t like my boat and so I was sort of looking for something that I felt really self actualizing like this is me in a living space and obviously I can’t build my like grand design dream home now and I don’t need all that space and I have all that time to like keep it and so tiny home to started to be like I can live really beautifully according to my values as well as I’m being so much more affordable yeah so it kind of came together like that when we spoke to Jeff about the cost of the build hmm he indicated that it was around 120 thousand dollar mark yeah and I think a lot of people hear that figure and they’re very used to seeing $500 pallet wood tiny homes on Facebook and that sort of thing and I think a lot of people sort of get a bit of a shock factor when they see tiny house prices that are rising up a little bit what would you say to people who think that one hundred and twenty thousand dollars is too much to spend on a tiny house I chose to go high-speed because it was important to me to live and and a very wooden house with native woods that have been recycled and have a master craftsman do it and have something built that will last a hundred years so those are my values so you can like kind of put any of your values into whatever tiny home you have and people have very different ones so I think there’s a huge scope to be individual and this is what works for me which is yes that’s why I’m so delighted and here it’s obvious how happy you are here the house just fits incredibly into the section that you’ve bought it’s a real pleasure to see it all come to life thank you for showing me around and I visit you yeah you’re really welcome this place truly has been an absolute treat for me to visit the first time I visited the tiny house was at Jeff’s workshop there it was an absolute marvel of design and engineering but visiting it this time I can really see how briar has transformed it into a home this is a place where I’m sure she’s going to be happy for many years to come you

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