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$8000 Robot Unboxing!

What’s up guys, Lew here back with another video… And this one is quite a bit different than usual That’s why we’re out here in the main area It’s a big develop And probably not what you’d expect To find here on Unbox Therapy Today, we’re gonna unbox a robot More specifically, the NAO robot Now this thing isn’t cheap But it’s dropped in price recently You can get them for somewhere around six or seven thousand buck’s and I know that sounds like an enormous amount of money but these are usually used in institutions at schools for learning let us unbox the NAO robot I’m referring to him as ‘He’ Normally it’s a product That has no personality But I’m calling him “He” Because he’s a humanoid! Look at him First, we’re greeted with this little poster, first you must pick him up, plug him in Internet connection of course, 3 to 5 minutes and then he can say this word “Agnak ganu”, whatever that means.

Type in an IP address and the boo ya, welcome! Now, NAO, i keep saying now. he is called NAO, and i say now, heh. There is a little bit more paper work here and then And then you have a box, gigantic power brick here The NAO robot This is like birth for him It’s an unboxing for us, for him It’s his birthday. .

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